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How do you create your site?

The solution proposed by Web Infos relies on the Administration Site. It will allow you to carry out all the operations necessary for the creation and the updating of your web site.

To be in possession of an Internet connection is the only requisite for the use of this solution: hence it is useless to install any additional softwares on your computer because all the creation and management operations are done via the Internet.

As soon as you subscribe to our offer, we will open your account on our servers and we will send you back an identification code and a password. From that moment, you will be able to create your site by simply getting connected to the address from anywhere in the world. The strength and simplicity of this solution will allow you to quickly create an unique web site. An Online Help is available on the Administration Site to make you familiar with all the functionalities of this tool.


The functionalities of the Administration Site.

Thanks to the Administration Site, you can use the following functionalities:

- Create or modify your site simply
- Customize the color of the text and backgrounds of your web site pages.
- Customize the menu of your site as well as its esthetic attributes.
- Create unique multimedia effects on your pages.
- Insert a discussion forum on your site.
- Add a visit counter.
- Submit your Web site on the search engines of your choice.
- Insert a scrolling menu in your pages.
- Manage the library of the pictures shown on your site.
- ...

The Online Help will guide you in the use of the functionalities.


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