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Modify the esthetic attributes of the pages

Text display

Constantly you can change the font of the texts shown on the pages of the web site. You can act independantly on the paragraphs titles and on the contents of each paragraph.


To improve the look of the backgrounds of your pages, you dispose of a large range of textures and colors.
To do so, you just have to click on your chosen color and texture and all your background will be automatically updated.

Colors examples

Textures examples

Modify the esthetic attributes of the menu

The menu of your site is made of all the headings you have defined. Each headings is shown as a clicking button which allows the internaut to enter the chosen heading.

Menu background

In the same way that for the texts, you can change the color and texture of the menu background.

Menu buttons

A large range of graphic attributes gives you the possibility to change the buttons representing the headings and their contents in the menu.
For example, you can:
- customize the kind, color and size of the font used to represent the titles of the headings.
- put these titles in bold, italic and/or underlined.
- give a shaden effect to your buttons so that they look like having a relief.
- modify the brightness of the buttons.
- ...
All these effects can be defined independantly so that buttons look different wether the Web surfer mouse is on the button or not (rollover effect).

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