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How will you choose the special effects ?

The Web Infos Administration Site integrate a range of unique functionalities which will allow you to create a visually more attractive web site.
For example, you can create special effects which will give to the Web visitor the impression that he is turning over the pages
of a book, exploring each part of a picture with a pencil of light....
Some examples are shown below.


Glimpse of special effects

Fade in / Fade out effect

A variable number of pictures passes one after the other with a fade in / fade out effect.

Book of pictures

A variable number of pictures passes as if you were turning over the pages of a book.

Picture distortion

A picture is animated with a light vibrating effect which looks like a wind blow, a reflection on a water surface…

Light projection

Thanks to the mouse, the internaut moves a pensil of light which enlights differnt parts of the picture.


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